What Our Patients Say

Dental appointments with Dr. Nutting and her team are something that I look forward to. They work hard to keep my teeth free of cavities and my gums healthy. When I needed a new crown, Dr. Nutting used the latest technology so that did not need impressions or a temporary crown. Dr. Nutting and her team are friendly and cheerful. Dr. Nutting takes time to answer my questions and to be sure that I am satisfied with her work.
John R.

After being a patient of Dr. Nutting for about a year, it was suggested that I try dental implants because my teeth were loosening from the bone. Dr. Nutting set up a consultation with an oral surgeon, Dr. Jason Kennedy, who removed my all my teeth and installed temporary teeth on implants the same day. Dr. Nutting made my permanent teeth on the implants and installed them, and I am tickled to death with the results. No pain, no infection, and my general health has improved. I would encourage anyone with similar dental problems to have this done. Dr. Nutting is great!
James W.

I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experiences me and my family have had. I have been seen and helped my you and every member of your staff. It is a very personal experience to have someone else’s hands in my mouth, and to not have a bad experience with anyone is truly remarkable. I think my favorite aspect of getting treated here, whether it is a routine cleaning and exam or getting through a crown from beginning to end is that I always get a thorough explanation of what the issue is, and usually a couple of different approaches on how to treat it and move forward. You and your staff are always patient and answer the many, many questions I have. I never feel like I’m being rushed out to get someone else in the chair. Thank you to everyone there for making me and my teeth feel cared for.
Chris W.

If the experience of having a tooth crowned could ever be considered good, this is the place! Dr. Nutting and her staff carefully explain each step of the process, and the in-house computer imaging and milling capabilities eliminate the need for impressions, a temporary crown, and multiple visits. In less than two hours, I was sporting my new, permanent crown.
David C.

I have not always been the best dental patient and certainly not the bravest until I made the move to the dental office of Dr. Showalter. The friendly atmosphere and professionalism won me over immediately. Today, after taking over the practice one and a half years ago, Dr. Talia Nutting has continued this atmosphere. Her personality took over from Dr. Nick and she never missed a beat. She is not only interested in your dental health, she is interested in you. I think one of the smartest things she did when she took over the practice was to retain all of the staff. I think each of them are special and so very nice. I have had more contact with Debbie since I have had a number of new crowns, replacement crowns and bridges. Debbie certainly knows what she is doing and does it very well. We have spent so much time together that we have become good friends and I count that a plus. Another positive is that you see the same person for your cleaning. Suzie is another positive in this office. She keeps me on track with my flossing, brushing and water flossing without ever fussing at me. She just gets the point across and makes me want to do better and I believe it has improved my overall dental health. I also appreciated that Talia has brought some very sophisticated technology into her practice, such as that very SMART machine that helps make crowns. That is just wonderful.

Of course I have contact with Robyn each and every time I am in the office. She is extremely organized and helpful. She has me trained so well that I give her my check number before she even asks for it. I have had contact with others in the office and think they are all wonderful. Keep up the good work ladies. You are very special. Talia, you are the perfect replacement for Dr. Nick.

Arlene M.

I really enjoy visiting the staff at Nutting Comprehensive Dentistry. The staff is always polite, happy to see me, and know me by name. Dr. Nutting is always upbeat and listens to my concerns. Her work has made a difference in my oral health and most of all, I never feel any pain. I would recommend them to anyone I know and will continue to.
Tennille P.

On February 14, 2014 I gave myself the best Valentine’s Day gift: a gap free smile! The gap between my front teeth had bothered me for years, but something else always seemed to push this down on my list of things to do. I went to Nutting Comprehensive Dentistry for a consultation, and Talia assured me that Six Month Smiles could fix that gap and give me the smile I always wanted. Emily and Talia put braces on my teeth February 14. Emily and Talia were enthusiastic and upbeat during every visit, and my teeth moved to their new, beautiful location. My braces were removed on May 29, 2014. I am so pleased with the results and personal service I received, and I recommend Nutting Comprehensive Dentistry to anyone who wants a smile that looks fantastic!
Terry W.

Dr. Nutting is a fantastic dentist!! She is so knowledgable and continues to learn the newest methods of doing things. She is very friendly and welcoming, as are the entire staff. When I show up for my appointment, I never have a wait. They always get me back right away. I used to dread going to the dentist. Thanks to Dr. Nutting and her team, that is no longer an issue. I would definitely recommend going to this office for your dental care.
Erin W.