There’s a common statement we hear at Nutting Dentistry, “I lost my retainer and my teeth have shifted.”

This is in the top 5 of cosmetic complaints from our patients. We see it all the time. The teeth were nice and straight after braces, and while the retainers were being worn. Then, for some reason or another, a retainer is lost or broken. Most assume, “Well, it’s probably okay now. My braces came off a long time ago.” Most often the teeth do end up shifting, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. After the shifting occurs, patients are left wondering what can be done to fix the problem now? Most folks don’t want to go back into braces again.

What can you do?

Enter the Inman aligner. The Inman aligner is a brand name of a retainer that can more the teeth back into position, as long as there are no major movements. This treatment tends to be perfect for people whose teeth have shifted after they stopped wearing retainers.

Are you curious if an Inman aligner could work for you? Call our office today and we will get you in for a consultation to discuss your options!

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